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Only released in EOL distros:  

Package Summary

anaglyph combines left and right stereo camera images to produce a single stereoscopic image.


This node implements generation of stereoscopic 3D image from a stereo camera. This is done by superimposing red filtered left and cyan filtered right image. When viewed with appropriate glasses, illusion depth is created. More about anaglyph images on Anaglyph_image.

Implementation is based on an older version of stereo_view node in image_view.


This video was taken in Fever dance studio (http://www.fever.hr), using a Videre STOC 9cm baseline stereo camera.



Generates red/cyan anaglyph image

Subscribed Topics

<stereo>/left/<image> (sensor_msgs/Image) <stereo>/right/<image> (sensor_msgs/Image)

Published Topics

<stereo>/anaglyph3D (sensor_msgs/Image)

2020-02-22 12:31