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Package Summary

Demo Applications for CARL


The carl_demos package contains various nodes and launch configurations for CARL robot demos, such as a web demo for running CARL on the RobotsFor.Me project.



'carl_speed_speak' provides auditory feedback for CARL's locomotion, so that he can sound more like what he thinks a vehicle sounds like.

Subscribed Topics

cmd_vel (geometry_msgs/Twist)


To install the carl_demos package, you can install from source with the following commands:


The carl_demos package contains the launch file basic_web_demo.launch which will launch a set of nodes on CARL to allow control of navigation and manipulation through a web interface. This includes tf publishing, video streaming, interactive markers, navigation, and an extra level of safety to allow researchers to cut off control of CARL from the web interface.

2020-01-25 12:30