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sbpl_dynamic_env: demo_sbpl_dynamic_env | dynamic_obs_msgs | fake_tracking | lidar_tracking | parallel_move_base | sbpl_dynamic_env_global_planner | sbpl_dynamic_planner

Package Summary

A fake tracker which polls the simulator for the locations of other robots (dynamic obstacles)


A node that tracks dynamic obstacles by polling the simulator (like stage) for their locations. It uses a simple linear extrapolation to predict where they will be over the next few seconds. It can track up to four robots (in the future this will be able to track an arbitrary number).


Subscribed Topics

robot_1/base_pose_ground_truth (nav_msgs/Odometry) robot_2/base_pose_ground_truth (nav_msgs/Odometry) robot_3/base_pose_ground_truth (nav_msgs/Odometry) robot_4/base_pose_ground_truth (nav_msgs/Odometry)

Published Topics

robot_0/dynamic_obstacles (dynamic_obs_msgs/DynamicObstacles)

2019-12-07 12:36