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Package Summary

The head action is a node that provides an action interface for pointing the head of the configured robot. It passes trajectory goals to the controller, and reports success when they have finished executing.

See joint_trajectory_controller for information on the controller that the head action communicates with.



An example of using the head action on TIAGo can be found on the video below.


The ROS API consists of three parts: private parameters, an action server that achieves pointing actions, and an interface to a trajectory controller.



~pan_link (string, default: head_pan_link) ~tilt_link (string, default: head_tilt_link) ~success_angle_threshold (double, default: 0.1)

Action interface

The joint trajectory action provides an action server (see actionlib) that takes in goals of the type control_msgs/PointHeadGoal. It reports success when the head is pointed at the target.

Subscribed Topics

~point_head_action/goal (control_msgs/PointHeadActionGoal) ~point_head_action/cancel (actionlib_msgs/GoalID)

Published Topics

~point_head_action/feedback (control_msgs/PointHeadActionFeedback) ~point_head_action/status (actionlib_msgs/GoalStatusArray) ~point_head_action/result (control_msgs/PointHeadActionResult)

Controller interface

Subscribed Topics

~state (control_msgs/JointTrajectoryControllerState)

Published Topics

~command (trajectory_msgs/JointTrajectory)

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