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Errors when using joy

Error: Couldn't open joystick


ls -l /dev/input/js0

You may have to add permissions:

chmod +rw /dev/input/js0

sudo jstest /dev/input/js0

If you're using a PS3 joystick, you will have to pair it properly, and connect it. See: Pairing a PS3 joystick.

Error: Joystick control is inaccurate / moves robot when deadman switch is pressed

(This one assumes you are encountering the error while using teleop_joystick.launch) Use  rostopic echo joy  to see the joystick commands being sent out. When the joysticks are at rest (centered) all of the axes should be 0. If they are not, then the joystick itself is malfunctioning. Try removing its batteries and putting them back in.

It may also be necessary to re-mate the joystick to the wireless receiver in order to re-zero the joystick axes.

2020-08-01 12:42