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Errors when running imu_node

Error: Unable to open serial port


Error: Permission denied


Error: IMU keeps restarting with an incoherent sequence of errors


Error: Invalid checksum


Errors when bringing up the PR2

Error: Gyro Not Calibrated

The Calibration Status in the diagnostics indicates

Gyro not calibrated

The mechanism calibration scripts in mechanism_bringup output

Mechanism calibration complete, but IMU calibration failed.


Use rosservice to manually trigger calibration and get on with your work:

rosservice call imu_node/calibrate

In most cases, you will want to set the IMU's autocalibrate option to true so that the IMU calibrates at startup. Beware, the IMU should not move during calibration, or the calibration will be incorrect. The only case in which you do not want to do this is if you know that the IMU calibration is being triggered later in the bringup process.

2021-02-27 12:52