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Only released in EOL distros:  

nao_rail: nao_openni | nao_speech | nao_vision

Package Summary

The nao_speech package contains nodes to control the speech module on an Aldebaran NAO. Language and volume settings can be modified using this package. This package has been tested with NAOqi version 1.10.52.


The nao_speech package allows easy control of the NAO's speech module via ROS. These packages have been tested with NAOqi version 1.10.52.



nao_speech can remotely control the NAO's speech module. Text-to-speech messages can be sent, volume can be controlled, and the language can be set using this node.

Subscribed Topics

nao_say (std_msgs/String) nao_set_volume (std_msgs/Float32) nao_set_lang (std_msgs/String)


/naoqi/host (string) /naoqi/port (integer) /naoqi/path (string, default: null) ~volume (float, default: 0.5) ~language (string, default: "English")


To install the nao_rail stack, simply run the following commands in your shell:


The nao_speech package contains a nao_speech.launch file which should be edited with the hostname and port of your NAO. Additionally, if your local PYTHONPATH does not include the path to your NAOqi /lib folder, an optional parameter can be set in the launch file. Parameters are also included to configure the volume and language of the NAO's speech module. These are set to the default values in the given launch file. This file launches an instance of the nao_speech node. To launch this node, the following commands can be used:


Please send bug reports to the GitHub Issue Tracker. Feel free to contact me at any point with questions and comments.



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