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Errors when using ocean_battery_driver

Error: Cannot open /dev/ttyUSB0


rosrun ocean_battery_driver battery_check -v /dev/ttyUSB0

Error: Battery status gui comes up empty

Screenshot-PR2 Power State.png


Error: Batteries report "No Good"

The "No Good" message means the batteries are in a lockout/error state. When a battery is drained too low, it can disable itself to prevent further damage, and enable the "No Good" state.

In order to reset this message, the ocean battery server needs to be completely power cycled.

If you see this message on a PR2, contact Willow Garage Support.

Error: Battery Report "Stale updates" or "No updates"

The batteries periodically publish their status to the ocean battery driver. If they go too long before publishing status, the battery driver will report a warning or error. The timeouts for these warnings and errors can be adjusted with the ~lag_timeout and ~stale_timeout parameters to the battery driver.

If a battery reports this message, and the timeout is sufficiently long (over 60 seconds, for most purposes), this probably means a connection problem with the battery.

At the end of the diagnostic message for each battery, they report "Time since update (s)". If this value is "N/A", this means the battery has not updated, and is probably disconnected.

2020-08-01 12:49