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Only released in EOL distros:  

(Now pr2_ethercat in Hydro and later)



pr2_etherCAT is the node that executes the main loop for controlling the EtherCAT devices (including all motors) on the PR2. It loads pr2_controller_manager, which in turns loads and runs controllers that act directly on the robot's motors. The ROS API detailed below is the interface for controlling pr2_etherCAT itself; as a result of loading the controllers, the pr2_etherCAT process offers a broader, and varying ROS API. Superuser privileges are required to run pr2_etherCAT, to allow it to set its scheduling priority to run as a real-time process.


pr2_etherCAT/reset_motors (std_srvs/Empty) pr2_etherCAT/halt_motors (std_srvs/Empty)


Running pr2_etherCAT requires the following "capabilities":

Superuser has these capabilities, but they can also be granted to another executable by setting file system attributes on the executable file. The pr2_grant program is a setuid-root program which copies pr2_etherCAT to a part of the filesystem where attributes can be set (/var/tmp), and then grants the necessary capabilities to be able to run pr2_etherCAT.


Usage: ./pr2_etherCAT [options]
  Available options
    -i, --interface <interface> Connect to EtherCAT devices on this interface
    -x, --xml <file|param>      Load the robot description from this file or parameter name
    -u, --allow_unprogrammed    Allow control loop to run with unprogrammed devices
    -h, --help                  Print this message and exit


pr2_etherCAT is usually executed from a launch file, such as pr2_bringup/pr2.launch. Common configuration:

<node name="realtime_loop" machine="c1" launch-prefix="pr2_grant" pkg="pr2_etherCAT" type="pr2_etherCAT" args="-i ecat0 -x robot_description"/>


pr2_grant is a utility that allows a regular user to run pr2_etherCAT with appropriate capabilities. See the section in pr2_etherCAT on "Permissions."


reset_motors.py is a simple command-line script that calls the pr2_ethercat/reset_motors service.

$ rosrun pr2_etherCAT reset_motors.py

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