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vision_detect_plug action is used to detect the pose of a plug in a gripper.

Action Goal

vision_detect_plug/goal (pr2_plugs_msgs/VisionPlugDetectionGoal)

Action Result

vision_detect_plug/result (pr2_plugs_msgs/VisionPlugDetectionResult)

Subscribed Topics

<camera_name>/image_rect (sensor_msgs/Image)

Published Topics

~display_image (sensor_msgs/Image)


Checkerboard dimensions

The checkerboard detector looks for the interior corners; for example, a standard checkerboard is considered to have dimensions 7x7. ~board_width (int) ~board_height (int) ~square_size (double)

Detection options

~subpixel_corners (bool, default: true)

Checkerboard to plug transform

plug_position_* is the position of the plug frame origin in the checkerboard frame. plug_orientation_* is a quaternion rotating the plug frame to the checkerboard frame. With the plug positioned for entering the outlet, the checkerboard frame is: (diagrams needed) ~plug_position_x (double) ~plug_position_y (double) ~plug_position_z (double) ~plug_orientation_x (double) ~plug_orientation_y (double) ~plug_orientation_z (double) ~plug_orientation_w (double)

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