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qb_device: qb_device_bringup | qb_device_control | qb_device_description | qb_device_driver | qb_device_hardware_interface | qb_device_msgs | qb_device_srvs | qb_device_utils

Package Summary

This package contains a device-independent control library for qbrobotics® devices.

This package is barely usable alone since it provides only the common features to be exploited and expanded in the derived packages (cf. qb_hand and qb_move).

Launch files


This launch file loads the controller parameters (i.e. the given yaml file) to the Parameter Server and spawns them in the controller_manager. If specified, starts the rqt_joint_trajectory_controller GUI.


controllers (string) namespace (string) package_prefix (string) use_controller_gui (bool, default: false)



This device-independent library provides all the common structures to control both the qb_hand and the qb_move devices. It exploits the qb_device_hardware_interface and thus requires all the ROS resources related to it.

Actions Called

~<namespaced_action_type>_trajectory_controller/follow_joint_trajectory (control_msgs/FollowJointTrajectory)

Services Called

/communication_handler/sync_nodes (qb_device_srvs/Trigger)


~namespaced_action_type (string) ~control_duration (double, default: 0.01) ~waypoints (list of maps)

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