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qb_device: qb_device_bringup | qb_device_control | qb_device_description | qb_device_driver | qb_device_hardware_interface | qb_device_msgs | qb_device_srvs | qb_device_utils

Package Summary

This package contains a device-independent hardware interface for qbrobotics® devices.

This package is barely usable alone since it provides only the common features to be exploited and expanded in the derived packages (cf. qb_hand and qb_move).


This device-independent library provides all the common structures to interface both the qb_hand and the qb_move ROS packages with their related physical devices. It exploits the Communication Handler (cf. qb_device_driver) to manage the serial communication and inherits its core from the hardware_interface for the sake of compatibility with other robots which use ROS. This package paves the way for control applications (cf. qb_device_control).

Published Topics

/<namespace>/state (invalid message type for MsgLink(msg/type))

Services Called

/communication_handler/activate_motors (qb_device_srvs/Trigger) /communication_handler/deactivate_motors (qb_device_srvs/Trigger) /communication_handler/deregister_device (qb_device_srvs/Trigger) /communication_handler/get_info (qb_device_srvs/Trigger) /communication_handler/get_measurements (qb_device_srvs/GetMeasurements) /communication_handler/register_device (qb_device_srvs/RegisterDevice) /communication_handler/set_commands (qb_device_srvs/SetCommands)


~actuators (string[]) ~device_id (int, default: 1) ~joints (string[]) ~namespace (string, default: qbdevice_<device_id>) ~robot_description (string) ~transmission (string, default: transmission)

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