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API review

Proposer: Daniel Stonier

Present at review:

Meeting agenda

A small review of things I think we need to overhaul, now we’ve seen some things working. The ros api got us started, but a few things have come up now. Just add comments to interspersed with your name in []'s below.

Ros Api

General Information

Public Interfaces

Flipped Interfaces

Pulled Interfaces

Probably don't want to do a pull from all gateways at once, you'd need to be careful about namespace collisions.




{X} (Daniel) Just had a brain freeze and realised we are currently not doing any advertising, flipping or pulling of subscribers, only publishers. Does this change any of the above?


Code Cleanup

Currently the code is getting a bit tangled. Redis everywhere for example. Also no really clear reason we need rocon_gateway_sync and rocon_gateway (my fault).

Simple class sketch proposal (I know there are much fancier ways to design a program, but this case is pretty simple):

     |              |
Master Api       Hub Api


Master Api

Hub Api

Also zeroconf_comms needs to be pulled and made into a unary stack so any dependency doesn't bring in the whole kaboodle.


Stack status change mark change manifest)

2020-09-26 12:57