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DEPRECATED: This node/package has been generalized to rotoscan_node.


Supported Hardware

The rod4_node driver currently supports ROD-4 models connected via Ethernet only, but could be extended to interface with RS422 models. The underlying network protocol implementation has been stable for more than a year now. All testing has been done with a "ROD4 plus" unit.

Configuration and Usage

rod4_node takes only two ROS parameters, one for the hostname/IP address of the laser range finder ("host") and one for the frame ID ("frame_id"). Configuration of the laser rangefinder is only possible through a separate (physical) configuration port with a vendor-provided tool and cannot be changed at runtime.

Otherwise, rod4_node should behave like any other ROS laser rangefinder driver, i.e., publish a sensor_msgs/LaserScan on the "scan" topic whenever a new scan comes in.

2021-02-20 13:02