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Only released in EOL distros:  

art_vehicle: applanix | art_common | art_image | art_map | art_msgs | art_nav | art_pilot | art_run | art_servo | art_teleop | simulator_art

Package Summary

Simulator for Austin Robot Technology autonomous vehicle.



Modified version of stage/stageros customized to the needs of the ART vehicle. Provides a 2D simulation of the vehicle using a model of the vehicle's response to simulated actuator settings.

Subscribed Topics

brake/state (art_msgs/BrakeState) shifter/state (art_msgs/Shifter) steering/state (art_msgs/SteeringState) throttle/state (art_msgs/ThrottleState)

Published Topics

odom (nav_msgs/Odometry) ground_truth (nav_msgs/Odometry) clock (roslib/Clock) laser/front (sensor_msgs/LaserScan)


~latitude (double, default: 29.446018) ~longitude (double, default: -98.607024) ~use_sim_time (bool, default: true) ~world_file (str, default: command line argument)

Provided tf Transforms



rosrun simulator_art artstage <world>

Where <world> is the full path name of the stage world file to load. To run one of the world files included in this package, resolve it like this (all on one line):

rosrun simulator_art artstage $(rospack find simulator_art)/world/swri_site_visit.world

To Do

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