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Only released in EOL distros:  


When observing or controlling a robot remotely over high latency connections, it is important to compress and limit the amount of data being sent without sacrificing the amount of information being provided to the client. Marker topics are published by many nodes in ROS and can be large and frequently published. wviz_scene_manager provides two services, add_marker and remove_marker, that allow clients to specify which markers are of interest. Once added the wviz_scene_manager will subscribe to the marker and aggregate incoming messages into a scene composed of markers. Whenever the scene changes it is published as a whole.

Running the wviz_scene_manager node


Published Topics

scene (wviz_scene_manager/VisualizationScene)


~<name>/add_marker (wviz_scene_manager/AddMarker) ~<name>/remove_marker (wviz_scene_manager/RemoveMarker)

2020-03-28 13:20