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Adept MobileRobots was the manufacturer of Pioneer, Seekur, Seekur Jr., PeopleBot, PatrolBot, PowerBot and AmigoBot mobile robots. It was formerly known as ActivMedia Robotics and MobileRobots Inc. It was active from the mid 1990s until 2018.

These robots all use the same compatible Pioneer protocol.

There are two different methods for using ROS with these robots. The ROSARIA package uses the ARIA library from MobileRobots to communicate with any MobileRobots robot and robot-specific integrated devices (e.g. sonar, bumpers).

See Robots/AMR_Pioneer_Compatible for and overview of how ROS works with these robots and instructions on installing ROS and getting started with ROSARIA. (If you already have Linux and ROS set up and installed on the computer you intend to use with the robot, go directly to ROSARIA/Tutorials/How to use ROSARIA] for the ROSARIA specific tutorial.)

Alternatively, use p2os to communicate directly with the robot using the Pioneer protocol. See Getting Started with p2os for a tutorial.

ROS nodes may run on the robots onboard computer or computers as well as any offboard computers (via wifi). If a robot does not have an (internal) onboard computer, then a wireless serial interface can be used, or a laptop can be mounted on the robot.

Manuals, support and technical knowlege base is available at http://robots.mobilerobots.com.

It may also possible to use Adept industrial arms in ROS (made by the industrial division of Adept Technology). This was developed as part of the ROS Industrial effort, see http://wiki/Industrial.

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