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ROS @ ISR Coimbra



ROS is an open source distributed robotics platform designed to accelerate robotics research and development, including commercial application development. ROS is a high-quality, actively maintained, well-documented software platform intended to support the academic and industrial robotics communities. ROS includes reusable components that implement a variety of low- and high-level functionality, such as base navigation, mapping, visual odometry, arm planning and control, data visualization, object recognition, and task-level execution. ROS supports a number of research robots and common robot simulators.

All ROS software is released under an Open Source license, and the great majority of it is licensed under a BSD-style license that allows users and companies to build applications on top without licensing constraints.


The primary audience is robot software developers and algorithm researchers from the ISR as well as students from the DEEC.

Motivation and objectives

The motive for this event is to introduce ROS to the ISR and DEEC researcher and student community.




We would like to thank to all the ROS community members who contributed to this presentation by sharing their own presentations, resources and ideas.

All the videos in the presentation were downloaded from the WillowGarage YouTube channel.

All the icons in the presentation were downloaded from Icons Etc.

2024-07-13 12:14