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Autonomous Door Opening and Plugging In with a Personal Robot


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Photos and Video Results

Instructions for reproducing experiments

Download and Install

Download the following file to get the code used for experiments in this paper: icra2010_m2.rosconfig

See ROS/Installation for details on using rosinstall.

The following command will download the code:

~/rosinstall -n /tmp/icra2010_m2 'http://wiki/Papers/ICRA2010_Meeussen?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=icra2010_m2.rosconfig'

In Simulation

The door-opening procedure can be reproduced in simulation, albeit with newer code than was used for the experiments reported in the paper.


  1. Retrieve newer version of the code, either by downloading this file: icra2010_m2_gazebo.rosconfig or by running this command:

    ~/rosinstall /tmp/icra2010_m2_gazebo 'http://wiki/Papers/ICRA2010_Meeussen?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=icra2010_m2_gazebo.rosconfig'
  2. source /tmp/icra2010_m2_gazebo/setup.sh
  3. rosmake pr2_doors_gazebo_demo
  4. roslaunch pr2_doors_gazebo_demo pr2_door_test.launch

On hardware



  1. Download the original code, as explained above.

  2. source /tmp/icra2010_m2/setup.sh
  3. cd /tmp/icra2010_m2/ros && make
    rosmake milestone2
  4. roscd pr2_alpha && roslaunch prf.launch
  5. roscd milestone2_actions && roslaunch milestone2.launch

Future Results

Since the paper was written the code used for this experiment was released into two stacks pr2_plugs and pr2_doors. Please see the tutorials in these stacks for running the current code in simulation or on hardware.

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