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Webviz is a web-based application for playback and visualization of ROS bag files (either locally or streaming from a cloud service; using rosbag.js) and live robots (using roslibjs).

Webviz is intended to be used as a hosted application. This way you automatically get updates when they are released. The goal is to make Webviz as generic as possible, allowing enough customization without having to fork the project. You can even write code within Webviz itself using the Node Playground panel, to customize it to your needs.

For more documentation on how to use Webviz and how to integrate it with other applications, click the "?" icon in the top right of the application. Also note that each panel has in-line documentation, again using a "?" in the top right of that panel.

We also have a Slack workspace. Join us to chat more about Webviz!

See also: Foxglove Studio, another open source app for visualizing and debugging your robotics data, started as a fork of Webviz. The team is focusing on developing features for generalized robotics use cases (e.g. support for ROS 2, custom extensions, etc.). Learn more on their website and ROS Wiki page.

2024-07-20 12:39