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Package Summary

This package describes the visual and mechanical properties of the AMIGO robot. It is used by the package amigo_gazebo.


attachment:tf-tree.png Above is an overview of the transformation tree, in short tf-tree. This tree shows the joints that are actuated and their links in between. A purple joint is fixed, a blue joint is revolute, a red joint is prismatic and a green joint is continuous. If the orientation of the joints changes this is indicated by a picture of the new coordinate system. The offsets between the joints are indicated as well, these changes apply after rotating the coordinate system.

The four wheels each have a different orientation, the joints describe a circle where the y-axis is always tangent to this circle, and the x-axis is always pointing out of, or away from, the circle. The z-axis in these orientations is always pointing up. The offset is unique for each of the four wheels, for example the left rear wheel has a positive y offset and a negative x offset.

Similarly the left shoulder_mount_joint has a negative y offset (y is pointing in the opposite direction here) and the right shoulder_mount_joint a positive y offset.

Folders and files

Folder: "Description"

arm_extra_visuals: In here all visual links and corresponding joints in the arms that cannot be mapped to the tf-tree are found. So it contains the black cylinders that seal the arms, the elbow links and wrist links.

arms: All links and joints of the arms that are in the tf-tree above can be found here.

body: All links and joints of the spindle, torso and bottomcovers that are in the tf-tree can be found here. The bottomcovers have a deviating bounding box because a normal one would be too inaccurate. Therefore separate bounding boxes are added for the batteries and computers on amigo. Also, in base_link all values are 0 because this link only serves as a root to the tf-tree. The link for the spindle is called ‘torso_slider’.

body_extra_visuals: This folder contains all visual links and corresponding joints of the body that cannot be mapped to the tf-tree. This means it contains the links for the metal sliders next to and behind the spindle, the objects that seal the body and the clavicles.

head: In here are all links and joints for the head of amigo.

kinect: The joints and links that represent the Kinect camera are in here.

laser: The links and joints for the laser and tue-logo can be found here.

media: This folder contains all the textures and corresponding scripts.

wheels: All links and joints for the wheels are found here.

gazebo: Contains the relevant information about gazebo plugins and the sensors in gazebo.

sim_or_robot_xacro: Depending on which files of these is included during launch the description files for the robot in simulation or the real robot are loaded.

robot.urdf.xacro: The main file that calls all other urdf.xacro files.

materials.urdf: This file contains the definitions of colors and textures for rviz.

definitions.urdf: Contains the definitions for the my_link and my_joint macro’s.

Folder: "Media"

materials/scripts: Contains a script for each texture used in the robot description.

materials/textures: The texture jpg files are in here.

meshes: Contains the mesh collada (dae) files.

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