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Utility Commands

This package includes some utility commands that are useful for running on the vehicle or working with generated data. See the art_run/bin subdirectory for a complete list, it is rapidly evolving.

If you want to run these commands directly from the shell, add this to the end of your ~/.bashrc:

ART_RUN=$(rospack find art_run)
if [ "$ART_RUN" != "" ] && [ -d $ART_RUN/bin ]
then export PATH=$ART_RUN/bin:$PATH

Launch Files

This package includes several launch files for running and monitoring the vehicle. See the art_run/launch subdirectory for a complete list.


Run pilot Stage simulation using world and RNDF for UT Pickle Research Campus (prc_large).

$ roslaunch art_run pilot_stage.launch

Control Stage simulation from the keyboard, using world and RNDF for DARPA site visit at Southwest Research Institute (swri_site_visit).

$ WORLD=swri_site_visit roslaunch art_run key_stage.launch

Run pilot on the car with real servo devices.

$ roslaunch art_run pilot_drive.launch

Control pilot on the car using the joystick.

$ roslaunch art_run joy_drive.launch

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