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The asr_mild_base_fake_driving package provides a simulation system for the robot driving. It simulates the desired driven way which is calculated by the navigation.


For the simulation we no longer have sensor messages from the wheels of the robot and therefore the messages needed for the direct kinematics are replaced with virtual messages generated by transforming the movement commands from the local planer into odometry messages (fake odometry). The localization is therefore no longer needed and is replaced by a fake, static one.

The received cmd_vel message from the navigation is transformed into a movement. This movement is published on the odom topic. So the navigation (or other components) thinks a robot drives as it was planned.



Start system

Look at asr_mild_navigation on how to start the simulated navigation with fake driving,. All simulation launch files use the fake driving.

For example:

roslaunch asr_mild_navigation simulation_manual_rearranged.launch


Start only the fake driving:

rosrun asr_mild_base_fake_driving asr_mild_base_fake_driving

ROS Nodes

Subscribed Topics

cmd_vel ( geometry_msgs/Twist)

Published Topics

odom ( nav_msgs/Odometry)

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