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This package is used to get poses from Rviz by using the goal tool and to store them in a XML-file pose_manager.png


To get a Pose you just have to use the destination tool so that rviz publish the pose in the corresponding topic. You can use this tool if you need to know a particular pose ( position and orientation ). The tools works also in simulation mode.

This package subscribes to move_base/goal an saves every incoming Pose in a XML-file. The name of the XML-file is CURRENT_TIMEposen.xml and will be saved at the location the program starts. The format will be:

<Pose X="" Y="" Z="" XQ="" YQ="" ZQ="" WQ=""></Pose>

The gotten Pose is also published on the ROS INFO stream for monitoring or direct copy/paste purposes.


Start all needet Components (Look at "Start system)

Then press the "2D Nav Goal" Button.

Click on a desired position on the map.

=> The Pose of this Click on the map is printed on the console and in the xml file.

Needed software

Eigen (3.2.0)

Start system

1. You must start the your navigation system, with the standard ROS-Navigation or asr_mild_navigation.

2. Start RVIZ

3. rosrun asr_rviz_pose_manager asr_rviz_pose_manager_node

ROS Nodes

Subscribed Topics

move_base/goal (geometry_msgs/Pose): The poses to record

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