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This package is used to visualize the environment models (e.g. tables, monitors, ...) used in the experimental setup of the ASR-Lab at the KIT. The two environments (mild and dome) contained in this package refer to the two lab-rooms the shown models are currently placed in.

Mild environment example: dome_viz.png

Dome environment example: vis_server_mild_rviz.png


Basically what this program does is querying the models which are stored in the object_database and publishing them as RViz-Markers so they can be visualized. The poses of the used models are stored in an xml-file and are static during the runtime.


Needed packages

Build and runtime:

Runtime only:

Start system

To start the program run the following command:

roslaunch asr_visualization_server visualization.launch

Now you can call one of the provided services described below to visualize the models you want to.

ROS Nodes

Published Topics


All parameters of this package can be set in the visualization_params.yaml file located in the param directory:


As mentioned in the parameters above there are two xml-files containing information about the objects in the two provided environments (mild and dome), these are stored in the config directory of the package by default.

You can add or delete objects from the environments by altering those files or you can use your own file if it has the same layout as the ones provided. To be valid the file needs to have a root node called "markers", the actual objects are child nodes of this node and are called "marker". Each marker node needs to have the following attributes:

The value of the marker node is the pose of the object relative to the \map frame (stored as position_x, position_y, position_z, rotation_w, rotation_x, rotation_y, rotation_z).


     <marker name="dome" scale="0.1,0.1,0.1" mesh="package://asr_object_database/rsc/databases/environment/Dome/Dome.dae" use_mat="0">1,-0.189,-1.77,-0.681189,-0.681488,0.188607,0.189693</marker>
     <marker name="table" scale="0.1,0.1,0.1" mesh="package://asr_object_database/rsc/databases/environment/TableDome/TableDome.dae" use_mat="0">0.9,0.6,-1.77,0.31,0.31,-0.56,-0.56</marker>

Provided Services

Several services are provided to control which objects shall be shown during runtime:


For most applications it is sufficient to start the program as stated in 3.4 and then call one of the services to draw all models depending on the environment you want to visualize (DrawAllModelsDome or DrawAllModelsMild).

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