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Resolving problems

I see noise instead of camera images

Your camera images are not getting through to the calibration pipeline. Make sure you specified the correct namespace for your camera. In this namespace, you need the 'image_rect' and 'camera_info' topics. Double check that the timestamps and frame_id's in these messages are correct (and non-zero).

Could not detect checkerboard

You should hold a checkerboard in front of the camera, while making sure there is no reflection of light sources etc. Also make sure you specified the number of rows and columns of your checkerboard correctly (see image on main page).

Timed out detecting checkerboard

This means no information was received from the checkerboard detector. This either means something went wrong badly, or that the checkerboard detector is very slow. Make sure that you don't try to use very large images on a slow computer. The checkerboard detector requires quite a lot of resources.

Capturing the checkerboard succeeded but the optimization failed

This probably means your camera_info messages don't contain a correct projection matrix. Are the intrinsics of your cameras calibrated?

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