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The cob_navigation stack provides configuration and launch files for running the navigation stack on a Care-O-bot in a number of common configurations. For example, the cob_navigation_local package holds files that configure the move_base node to operate in an odometric frame, and the cob_mapping_slam package holds files that configure the robot for SLAM. These configuration files are intended for use as building blocks for applications that wish to use autonomous navigation as a component.

The naming of the packages as well as the documentation is kept close to the one of pr2_navigation for ease of use for experienced ROS users. However, changes are made to suit our needs.


There are three major sections to the documentation of the packages in this stack:

The launch files for end users of the Care-O-bot or the rob@work are in the following packages:

Configuration files (except for the package specific ones) can be found in cob_navigation_config.

The source code of the simple linear navigation is in cob_linear_nav.

The following stacks provide detailed documentation of the parameters and nodes used in the cob_navigation stack:

Which launch file for which purpose?

There are a lot of different launch files in the different packages in the cob_navigation stack. Which package and which launch file should be used for which purpose?

The different packages provide different setups depending on the task you would like to do:

There also exist different navigation algorithms (or modes) in the cob_navigation_* packages, from which you can choose. It also depends on the application you are targeting, which of those modes is suited the best.

For example, for reaching the red X either 2dnav_ros_dwa.launch or 2dnav_linear.launch will yield good results. Whereas for reaching the green X 2dnav_ros_dwa.launch or 2dnav_ros_tr.launch could be used. If there would be people (or other beings) moving in the navigation area, 2dnav_ros_tr.launch should be used. (Of course, the same holds for the respective modes of 2dnav_ipa.launch and 2dnav_ipa_extloc.launch.) Navigation Example


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