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Fuerte Planning

Planning for Fuerte will be done via Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These SIGs will be determined by the community and anyone interested in participating/contributing will be allowed to sign up.


Primary freeze: any APIs that are heavily used should be frozen here. New feature development that does not affect existing APIs may continue. Also, packaging for release can continue (e.g. stack/package organization, rosdeps, etc...).

Final freeze: all APIs and packaging frozen. Releases with features should have occurred before this date so that integration is tested. While some breaks/bugs are expected, features that have failed to land/integrate at this time will be removed ("failed to integrate" == "causes unexpected downstream breakage").


Phase I (SIG proposal/signup) completed

Phase II (September 14-30)

After the signup period, any SIG that has at least two people signed up for it will be considered valid.

The follow-up process is also very simple:

  1. Each SIG designates a SIG Coordinator. If an SIG cannot agree on a coordinator, one will be chosen for you.
  2. The coordinator will organize planning meeting(s) for the SIG. This can be over IRC, video chat, at IROS, or whatever medium bests fits the composition of your SIG. The deadline for these meetings is September 28th.
  3. Each SIG group will post their planning notes as a sub-page of http://ros.org/wiki/fuerte/Planning/<SIG-NAME>. The deadline for posting these notes is September 30th. SIGs can have followup meetings, but this initial deadline is to ensure that the SIG is activated.


Removed stacks


Added stacks


Deprecated stacks


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