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All guides and documentation for installing and using ros on windows can be found in the win_ros wiki pages.


ROS Groovy is EOL, and these instructions for getting it to work on Windows are severely outdated. They are only kept here for historical reasons.

Please do not expect these steps to work, or try to follow them.

For future Windows support, see the relevant ROS2 resources.

Under development - ymmv.


Getting Started

WinRos on Windows

This is for native windows development with the microsoft 2010 compiler. Currently supporting either windows sdk 7.1 (cl/nmake) or visual studio 10.0.

For more advanced users who are familiar with ros and catkin:

WinRos on Linux

{X} It is not likely we'll have mingw re-enabled for groovy.

This is for the control roboticists who love working in linux and get flustered when asked to build windows apps for the rest of the world (namely users/test engineers) there is the mingw cross-compiler. There is also qt support here - write the code once and compile your qt app for both windows and linux without any changes.


  • Contact - where to go for help or to ask about contributing.

  • Troubleshooting - if you are having issues, consult this first.

  • Additional Help - general questions about working in win_ros.


  • Roadmap/ChangeList - current status and plans.

  • Contributing - if you're interested in helping, either with the infrastructure or porting stacks, start here.

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