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See Robots/Husky for instructions and tutorials.


The husky_gazebo package contains launch and configuration files for using the Husky robot in a simulated environment (i.e. Gazebo).

Launch Simulation

The husky_empty_world.launch file pulls in ros_control configuration from husky_control, starts a Gazebo instance with an empty world, and loads the simulated Husky description via description_gazebo.launch.

The husky_playpen.launch file demonstrates how to select an alternative world for the simulation. This instance loads a Clearpath designed playpen for Husky. Go have some fun!

Simulation Configuration

The description_gazebo.launch file loads the standard Husky URDF from husky_description, along with the requisite Gazebo plugins for simulation. This URDF can be easily extended by invoking the <xacro:husky_gazebo_robot /> macro in your custom description file, as demonstrated in urdf/description.gazebo.xacro.

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