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If this node is started as a service the current pattern can be changed by other nodes via service calls, what is required for running the adjust_exposure or the blur_estimation node. The patterns can also be changed within the terminal with "rosservice call change_pattern <pattern_index> <block_size>" (0 = black, 1 = white, 2 = block, 3 = stripe, 4 = random, >4 = patterns from textfiles)

If the node is not started as a service, the pattern can be changed with the keyboard:

p = swith to next pattern
+ = increase block size by 1
- = decrease block size by 1
q = quit

In most cases, it is more useful to use the launch file, which enables to project the pattern on another screen device.


Captures one image with no pattern and one image with a white pattern and computes the illuminated area as the difference between both and publishes it

Input topic (default: "stereo/left/image_rect") and output topic (default "stereo/left/roi") can be overwritten by calling:

roi_diff_image (input || output)_topic:=<new topic>


Create_pattern has to be started as a service to enable switching patterns.


Uses background subtraction to compute the illuminated area


Input topic (default: "stereo/left/image_rect") and output topic (default "stereo/left/roi") can be overwritten by calling

roi_bgfg_codebooks (input_image || output)_topic:=<new topic>


Create_pattern has to be started as a service to enable switching patterns.



Adjust the exposure time so that the average brightness of the area illuminated by the projector is set to a fixed value (default 120) to avoid overexposing that region.

Default image input topic is "/stereo/left/image_mono", default Region of Interest input topic is "/stereo/left/roi" if other topics should be used they should be overwritten with:

adjust_exposure input:=<topic_new>"

"adjust_exposure roi_input:=<topic_new>"

Default namespace for the camera parameters is "/stereo/stereodcam2701/" for the videre camera. That can also be overwritten by calling:

adjust_exposure prefix=<prefix_new>

The new namespace must contain the three parameters for camera exposure (exposure, exposure_min, exposure_max)

If auto-exposure is activated for the camera, that must be deactivated manually before running the node, for example with the reconfigure_gui:

rosrun dynamic_reconfigure reconfigure_gui)



Subscribes to two topics (image and Region of Interest) and publishes the image extended with the illuminated area (green) and all the sharp edges (blue and red for vertical and horizontal direction)



Takes one model_point cloud and a folder with measured point clouds and compares each with the model. For each subfolder the average and the standard deviation is computed for the given compare mode.




Camera driver for the videre stereo camera, just modified not to show the disparity view by default. Disparity view can be shown by calling:

roslaunch videre_2701 disparity:=1


Runs the create_pattern node and shows the pattern on the display, that was specified. Per default the node is started not as a service, this can be done by calling:

roslaunch create_pattern service:=1


for blur_estimation node

Text patterns

The folder txt_patterns contains several patterns that are created as proposed in "Projected texture stereo" by Kurt Konolige



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