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Beginner Level

  1. Installation

    Installing and preparing everything from scratch.

  2. Examine Kobuki

    Start up your Kobuki and see what's going on inside.

  3. Diagnostics

    Illustrates how to retrieve kobuki diagnostics.

  4. Make it move

    Unleash the turtle and start exploring

Intermediate Level

  1. Testing Hardware

    Scripts that check/verify the hardware.

  2. Generate a Battery Profile

    Generate a battery profile plot.

  3. Automatic Docking

    How to run automatic docking

  4. Gazebo Simulation

    Kobuki in Gazebo

Advanced Level

  1. Kobuki's Control System

    Get familiar with the concept of Kobuki's control system

  2. Implement your own controller for Kobuki

    This tutorial explains how to write your own nodelet-based controller for Kobuki.

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