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Kobuki Udev Rules

Connection to the kobuki base is via usb enabled by an ftdi usb-serial converter which is always pre-flashed at the factory with the serial id kobuki. For convenience, to enable the device to appear on /dev/kobuki, use the following script to copy across the udev rule and restart udev (you'll need your sudo password):

> rosrun kobuki_ftdi create_udev_rules

Non ROS users

In case you are not in a ROS environment, you will need to build the package first, in order to get the create_udev_rules script.

To do so navigate to the package folder and do

> make udev

Flashing Ftdi Chips

Included also in kobuki_ftdi are the programs we use to scan and flash the chip. If you are interested in doing a similar operation for another device you might want to check these out (also check the doxygen) - take care though, slightly different ftdi usb to serial versions can cause problems and leave you with lovely bricks!

You can also find more detailed information on how to flash the chip (as is usually done at Yujin's factory) in the doxygen api.

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