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Package Summary

The moveit_goal_builder package

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moveit_goal_builder is a library for building MoveGroup action goals. This is useful for when you want to use the MoveGroup actionlib interface directly, instead of using the MoveGroup class. This allows you to poll when the action is done, which the normal MoveGroup interface does not allow you to do.

C++ example

To build a goal, create a new moveit_goal_builder::Builder, add a goal, some constraints, and set other options. Then, call Build():

   1 #include "moveit_goal_builder/builder.h"
   3 moveit_goal_builder::Builder builder("base_link", "arms");
   4 builder.AddPoseGoal("r_wrist_roll_link", pose);
   5 builder.AddPathOrientationConstraint(orientation_constraint);
   6 builder.planning_time = 10.0;
   7 builder.num_planning_attempts = 2;
   8 builder.can_replan = true;
   9 builder.replan_attempts = 3;
  11 moveit_msgs::MoveGroupGoal goal;
  12 builder.Build(&goal);

Python example

   1 from moveit_goal_builder import MoveItGoalBuilder
   3 builder = MoveItGoalBuilder()
   4 builder.set_pose_goal(pose_stamped)
   5 builder.replan = True
   6 builder.replan_attempts = 10
   7 goal = builder.build()

Differences between C++ and Python

The C++ and Python APIs are similar, but with a few differences:

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