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Master Discovering

The multimaster_msgs_fkie/ROSMaster describes a discovered ROS Master by name and uri. It offers also additional information about corresponding master_discovery node and timestamps of last detected changes of the ROS Master. The multimaster_msgs_fkie/DiscoverMasters service returns the list with current discovered ROS Masters. The changes of each ROS Master are annonced by multimaster_msgs_fkie/MasterState.

The multimaster_msgs_fkie/LinkState and multimaster_msgs_fkie/LinkStatesStamped messages offers additional information about the link quality to discovered ROS Master machines.


The multimaster_msgs_fkie/GetSyncInfo service uses multimaster_msgs_fkie/SyncMasterInfo respectively multimaster_msgs_fkie/SyncTopicInfo messages to return the all currently synchronized topics and services.

Default Configuration

The services multimaster_msgs_fkie/ListNodes and multimaster_msgs_fkie/ListDescription returns the nodes and their description. The multimaster_msgs_fkie/Task service can then be used to launch one of these nodes. See default_cfg for additional information.

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