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Configuring and Using the Navigation Stack

  1. Setting up your robot using tf

    This tutorial provides a guide to set up your robot to start using tf.

  2. Writing a local path planner as plugin in ROS

    A tutorial to writing a custom local planner to work with the ROS1.This tutorial will be structured in a similar manner to ROS Global Path Planner

  3. Basic Navigation Tuning Guide

    This guide seeks to give some standard advice on how to tune the ROS Navigation Stack on a robot. This guide is in no way comprehensive, but should give some insight into the process. I'd also encourage folks to make sure they've read the ROS Navigation Tutorial before this post as it gives a good overview on setting the navigation stack up on a robot wheras this guide just gives advice on the process.

  4. Setup and Configuration of the Navigation Stack on a Robot

    This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for how to get the navigation stack running on a robot. Topics covered include: sending transforms using tf, publishing odometry information, publishing sensor data from a laser over ROS, and basic navigation stack configuration.

  5. Using rviz with the Navigation Stack

    This tutorial provides a guide to using rviz with the navigation stack to initialize the localization system, send goals to the robot, and view the many visualizations that the navigation stack publishes over ROS.

  6. Publishing Odometry Information over ROS

    This tutorial provides an example of publishing odometry information for the navigation stack. It covers both publishing the nav_msgs/Odometry message over ROS, and a transform from a "odom" coordinate frame to a "base_link" coordinate frame over tf.

  7. Publishing Sensor Streams Over ROS

    This tutorial provides examples of sending two types of sensor streams, sensor_msgs/LaserScan messages and sensor_msgs/PointCloud messages over ROS.

Configuring and Using the Global Planner of the Navigation Stack

  1. Writing A Global Path Planner As Plugin in ROS: This tutorial presents the steps for writing and using a global path planner in ROS as a plugin.

To use navigation stack with stage, check the navigation_stage package.

Robot Specific Configurations

This section contains information on configuring particular robots with the navigation stack. Please help us by adding information on your robots.


The erratic_navigation package contains configuration and launch files for running the navigation stack on Erratic robot. The erratic_navigation_apps package contains example launch files that will start the navigation stack in three different configurations:

The erratic_teleop package contains a keyboard teleoperation node for driving the robot (e.g. while in SLAM mode).


Tutorials for the evarobot can be found in the evarobot_navigation tutorials page.



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