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Note: Please be aware that the Pilz command planner has moved to MoveIt and http://wiki.ros.org/pilz_robots and http://wiki.ros.org/pilz_industrial_motion are unmaintained.

These tutorials are outdated and might or might not work dependent on the ROS distro.

Simple Pick-and-place application

  1. Model your application with the Pilz Manipulator Module PRBT

    Model your first application including an object from a stl file and a table, on which the Manipulator Module PRBT is mounted and move the robot in this virtual environment.

  2. Move your robot with the pilz_command_planner

    Setup your ROS with the pilz_industrial_motion packages and learn how to plan and move your robot along a path with the pilz_command_planner.

  3. Program your robot with the Python API

    Develop a pick and place application and learn how to teach positions. You create a script which runs with the Python API and use the PTP and LIN commands.

  4. Pick and Place application with the Pilz Manipulator Module PRBT and the Python API

    Implement a pick and place application and learn to program a simple application with the Python API.

Quickstart guide for real PRBT

  1. How to set up CAN connection to Pilz Manipulator Module

    Learn how to set up the Pilz Manipulator Module PRBT and move the robot for the first time.

Note: The files for these tutorials are also available for download from GitHub/pilz_tutorials and a template package with more configuration options for your application at GitHub/pilz_templates

Note: If you experience any problems or have suggestions to improve the tutorials, please file an Issue on Github.

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