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Common launch args to use with interactive manipulation

The following are all launch args to use with pr2_interactive_manipulation_robot.launch:

The default camera to use with interactive manipulation is a Kinect mounted on top of the robot's head, with frames starting with /openni (meaning frame names /openni_rgb_optical_frame and /openni_depth_optical_frame); if you are using frames starting with something else, for instance, /head_mount_kinect, add the launch arg


If you have no Kinect, you can instead use the robot's narrow stereo camera (in particular, if you're in simulation, you should use the narrow stereo); in this case, add the launch arg


Also, if you wish to use the PR2's navigation capabilities to drive around, add the launch arg


(If you add this launch arg when launching pr2_interactive_manipulation_desktop.launch as well, it will set the global frame in rviz to /map instead of /odom_combined.) If you have your own 2D map, launch your map server separately from the interactive manipulation launch file. If you have no map at all, you can navigate using just the robot's local sensor-based costmap by launching with

nav:=true nav_local:=true

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