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This package defines an actionlib interface for controlling PTUs. This interface allows PTUs to be controlled by specifing either absolute pan/tilt angles, or pan/tilt velocities (if supported in hardware).

An actionlib server using this interface is also provided for controlling and tracking the Logitech Orbit AF camera.

Python Action Client Example

The following code reads pan and tilt angles from the command line, starts an action client, sends the desired pan/tilt angles, and waits for any feedback.

   1 #!/usr/env/bin python
   2 import roslib; roslib.load_manifest('ptu_control')
   3 import rospy
   4 import ptu_control.msg
   5 import actionlib
   6 import sys
   8 def ptu_action_test():
   9     client = actionlib.SimpleActionClient('SetPTUState', ptu_control.msg.PtuGotoAction)
  10     client.wait_for_server()
  11     goal = ptu_control.msg.PtuGotoGoal(pan=float(sys.argv[1]), tilt=float(sys.argv[2]))
  12     client.send_goal(goal)
  13     client.wait_for_result()
  14     return client.get_result()
  16 if __name__ == '__main__':
  17     rospy.init_node('action_test')
  18     result = ptu_action_test()
  19     print result

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