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Two Minute Intro

This detector uses Caffe to perform face detection. It publishes faces found in images from a subscribed image topic. The face detector itself can be found here: https://github.com/kpzhang93/MTCNN_face_detection_alignment.

The message type coming back from the face detector is a Detections.msg which contains an array of Face.msg objects. Each Face.msg has:


This package contains a single ROS node - face_detector_node - which serves as an interface between a ROS system and the trained face recognition network.




Type: face_detector/detections

Topic with face detections performed in the background by running on images as they come in the subscriber.


Type: face_detector/debug/face_images

Topic with face detections visualized on incoming images as they come in from the subscriber. Only published if debug=true.



Type: string

Default: "/kinect/qhd/image_color_rect"

Image topic name to use for detections.


Type: bool

Default: false

Enable or disable debug mode, which publishes incoming images with bounding boxes over faces


Type: bool

Default: true

Enable or disable gpu mode. Enabled by default. Significantly speeds up detection.


Type: bool

Default: false

Change to compressed image stream or not. Simply appends a "/compressed" to the image topic name. This lightens the load your local network if the images are being transmitted to the detector.

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