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The rail_pick_and_place_tools package contains rviz plugins to aid in the grasp demonstration collection and model generation process. This package also contains launch files for easier running of this process.

rviz Plugins

This package contains three rviz panels: Vision, Grasp Collection, and Object Model Generation, shown and described below.

Vision Panel - calls segmentation action and provides segmentation feedback.


Grasp Collection Panel - collects demonstration grasps and point cloud information, stored in a graspdb database, and provides feedback on this process.


Object Model Generation Panel - calls the model generation action on a selected subset of grasp demonstrations and object models read from a graspdb database, stores new models in the database, and provides feedback on this process. The highlighted model in the list can also be displayed in the main rviz window or removed from the database.



To install the rail_pick_and_place package, you can install from source with the following commands:


The rail_pick_and_place_tools package contains a launch file for starting up the backend necessary for grasp demonstration collection and object model generation, as well as a frontend that launches rviz with the relevant panels and topics shown:

The frontend should look something like this:


See the tutorials section for detailed instructions on setting the parameters necessary for the launch files and using the frontend to collect data and generate models.

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