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  1. Overview
  2. Usage


This package contains the code for controlling the rb1_base with a joystick. The package has the following folders:

- config: In this folder you will find the different config files available for the different possible joysticks

- launch: In this folder you will find the launch file to execute the node

- src: In this folder you will find the source code


In order to launch the joy node along with the personalized rb1_base joystick:

roslaunch rb1_base_pad rb1_base_pad.launch pad_model:=ps4

This command will launch the mentioned joy node, in order to have a ROS driver for joysticks, it will publish msgs of type sensor_msgs/Joy. Besides, it will launch the rb1_base_pad for the joystick specified in the argument.

2024-07-20 13:25