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Package Summary


First you will the ROS Commander rosinstall file:

Next, in a directory of your choice call rosinstall, setup your environment, call rosmake, then launch the default vanilla ROS Commander GUI. Replace rcommander_all with your rosinstall of choice:

rosinstall .  /opt/ros/fuerte rcommander_all_fuerte.rosinstall
source setup.bash
sudo apt-get install festlex-cmu festlex-poslex festlex-oald  libestools1.2 festvox-don festvox-rablpc16k festvox-kallpc16k festvox-kdlpc16k
rosmake rcommander_pr2_gui
rosmake rcommander_ar_tour

You will want to keep ROS Commander into your ROS_PACKAGE_PATH so execute:

echo "source `pwd`/setup.bash" >> ~/.bashrc

Then repeat the above steps on your PR2. Things are a little more tricky as we'll need to setup the env-loader. Begin by creating a new file in your home directory called "env.sh". Fill it with the script below but replace PATH_TO_YOUR_RCOMMANDER_ROSINSTALL with the path where you checked out the code above:

if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then
    /bin/echo "Entering environment at /opt/ros/fuerte"
    . /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.sh
    /bin/echo "Exiting build environment at /opt/ros/fuerte"
    . /opt/ros/fuerte/setup.sh
    exec "$@"

Next, make a folder on the robot where saved ROS Commander files can be loaded from:

ln -s PATH_TO_SAMPLE_BEHAVIORS_FOLDER ~/robot_behaviors

Where PATH_TO_SAMPLE_BEHAVIORS_FOLDER is the path to the package rcommander_sample_behaviors in the stack rcommander_pr2 checked out by the rosinstall.

Finally, create the symlinks to serve up the web interface (accessible at http://c1/rweb/rweb.html):

sudo ln -s `rospack find rcommander_web`/html /var/www/rweb

You're now all ready! Next, proceed to the tutorials.

Users's Guide

  1. Starting RCommander PR2

    shows you how to start RCommander PR2

  2. Creating Gestures in RCommander PR2

    Guides you through the process of creating new PR2 gestures.

  3. Face Detection and Understanding Reference Frames

    Shows how to use the face detection tool and how to manipulate reference frames.

  4. Running Behaviors from RViz

    Describes how to run saved behaviors from RViz

  5. List of Tools and Their Uses

    Gives a list of tools included in RCommander PR2 and their intended uses.

Video Tutorials

Included Tools

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