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Only released in EOL distros:  

RoboTiCan Robots


The RoboTiCan meta-package is our latest ROS package. The package includes all the needed software for complete robot operation using ROS. Users who have not yet bought a robot from RoboTiCan can still use this package to run all of RoboTiCan's robots under the Gazebo simulation environment.

RoboTiCan's products are fully compatible with ROS and support all of ROS capabilities such as navigation, moveit, ros_control and much more.


  1. Installation

    This tutorial will cover the steps needed for installing the robot software on a new computer.

  2. Robot bring-up

    Robot bring-up in real world

  3. Bring-up a robot in the Gazebo simulation environment

    Robot bring-up in simulation

  4. Read and visualize your robot sensors

    Read and visualize your robot sensors

  5. Command your robot with simple motion commands

    Command your robot with simple motion commands

  6. Moving the head

    Moving the head using the Pan-Tilt system

  7. Moving the torso

    Moving the torso

  8. Teleoperation

    Robot teleoperation from a joystick or a keyboard

  9. Remote monitoring and control

    Remote monitoring and control from a distance computer

  10. Robot navigation

    No Description

  11. Arm manipulation

    No Description

  12. Running the demos

    Running the demos from the robotican_demos package

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