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Viewing the Code

roscpp_tutorials contains a number of tutorial applications for programming with roscpp.

You can browse these tutorials by roscd-ing to the roscpp_tutorials package, i.e.

roscd roscpp_tutorials

There are also several Wiki-based tutorials, listed below.

Beginner Tutorials

  1. Writing a Simple Publisher and Subscriber

    This tutorial covers how to write a publisher and subscriber node in C++.

  2. Writing a Simple Service and Client

    This tutorial covers how to write a service and client node in C++.

  3. Using Parameters in roscpp

    This tutorial will show you the NodeHandle parameter API, allowing you to manipulate parameters from the Parameter Server.

  4. Accessing Private Names from a NodeHandle

    This tutorial will show you how to access private Names with roscpp's NodeHandle API.

  5. Using Class Methods as Callbacks

    Most of the tutorials use functions in their examples, rather than class methods. This is because using functions is simpler, not because class methods are unsupported. This tutorial will show you how to use class methods for subscription and service callbacks.

Intermediate Tutorials

  1. Understanding Timers

    This tutorial explains roscpp Timers, which allow you to schedule a callback to happen periodically.

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