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This package provides you with a Lisp REPL configured to be used to program ROS packages as well as an integrated IDE for programming in Common Lisp with Emacs (see Slime).

What it actually does is just starting your Emacs with a nice configuration for Lisp and then starting Slime.


Installation from a Debian package

roslisp_repl is distributed through the ROS release infrastructure.

$ sudo apt-get install ros-DISTRO-roslisp-repl

Installation from source

The most up-to-date version of roslisp_repl code can be found here. Installation instructions are in the README file. What you'll need to do will be something like the following:

$ wstool set ros_emacs_utils --git https://github.com/code-iai/ros_emacs_utils.git
$ wstool update ros_emacs_utils
$ cd ..
$ catkin_make
$ catkin_make install
$ emacs -nw ~/.emacs.d/init.el # edit your emacs configuration file

How to use

To use the roslisp_repl just run the executable:

$ roslisp_repl

If it can't be found try

$ source ~/.bashrc
$ rospack profile
$ rosrun roslisp_repl roslisp_repl

If you would like to use your own Emacs configuration with the REPL and you're on ROS Indigo+ see the installation instructions of the slime_ros package. It is automatically installed as a dependency of roslisp_repl. If you're sure you will always be using the REPL only with your own Emacs configuration, consider installing solely slime_ros instead of roslisp_repl in the future.

If you're on earlier versions of ROS, look through the roslisp_repl configuration file, repl-config.el and copy-paste the relevant code into your Emacs config file.

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