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This documentation is for the standalone release of roslocate, which is distributed with rosinstall. For older version of roslocate, please see C Turtle documentation.


roslocate is installed with the rosinstall tool. To install:

easy_install -U rosinstall


        info    Get rosinstall info of resource
        vcs     Get name of source control system
        type    Package or stack
        uri     Get source control URI of resource
        www     Get web page of resource
        repo    Get repository name of resource
        describe        Get description of resource

In order to assist with migrating users from the old version of roslocate, the roslocate svn command is still supported. It will be removed in future versions.


roslocate info <package-or-stack>


--distro=DISTRO (Since 0.5.17)

--dev (Since 0.5.17)


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