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This plugin queries the ROS master for a list of all nodes, and attempts to display process information about them. Currently, information is only available for local nodes running on the same computer as the rqt instance.

The node list can be filtered using the text box at the top. Unless the regex box is checked, the node list will contain any node whose name contains the text in the filter box. If the regex box is checked, the filter will be treated as a python-style regular expression, and the list will contain any node whose name matches the expression.

Hovering over the a node name will display the full command used to start the node. Hovering over the memory will display the resident and virtual memory for the node in mebibytes.


This plugin requires a newer version of psutil than is available in the rosdep-supported version on Ubuntu Precise (12.04). A newer version is available from pip with pip install psutil.



2024-06-15 13:47