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DEVELOPMENTAL: This status indicates that this software is not yet production ready code. The software has some level of unit-testing. There are known issues and missing functionality. The APIs are unstable but unlikely to change drastically. Use in production systems will likely require modifications including improvements and/or bug fixes. For more information see the ROS-Industrial software status page.

Software component


  • Fig. (click to magnify) Software components diagram both on QNX and Ubuntu for Hiro/NEXTAGE OPEN. You can see that users can write their own software to control the robot through ROS and hrpsys, how ever they like.

Note for Coordinate Frames for Hironx

Root of the frame tree is WAIST (instead of ROS standard base_link) due to the fact that originally this robot wasn't made to work on ROS.

Media coverage

ROS news related to Hiro twin-arm robot:

Installation, usage

Full-fledged user document incl. writing codes is found here.


Moveit and dynamic scenes with HiroNXO

 Can moveit plan a path and then change it during execution because a new obstacle
 appeared in the path? There are `move_group.plan()` and `move_group.go()` for static
 scenes. Do I need other commands for dynamic scenes? 

For MoveIt! related feature, HiroNXO does no customization. So follow general MoveIt! way. MoveIt! has "allow re-plan" feature. This post might be of your interest.

Controlling joint motors directly with `Joint Trajectory Action Interface`

 At the moment I am working on the low level API, the joint trajectory action
 interface to control the robot. Is it true that the joint trajectory controller 
 directly control the joints (joint motors) of the robot? Because I thought that 
 the robot can only be accessed via CORBA and ROS does not know anything about CORBA.

Your observation is correct; NEXTAGE OPEN does not provide direct controller access to the motor, from both ROS API and hrpsys API. This question is heard multiple times but the root is in its hardware API limitation that we, as the robot's opensource API maintainer, don't have control over.

Correct physical behavior of the simulator

 Another question is, if the hrpsys simulator can also simulate the correct physical
 behavior when we control the joints directly (with Joint Trajectory Aciton). 
 Let’s say my controller parameters are chosen wrong.. Will the robot arm overshoot? 


2024-07-20 14:45