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The Basics

This package provides a GUI application to instruct execution of skills, and monitor skills and agents executed using skiller and luaagent. Graphs are rendered at run-time using the Graphviz library.

The SkillGUI is fully functional, but some features are not available, because they have not been reimplemented after porting the SkillGUI from Fawkes.

You can find the newest version at http://github.com/timn/ros-skillgui.

It is part of the behavior engine stack.


It builds on utility packages from the behavior engine stack. Additionally, it uses actionlib via actionlib_lua to instruct the skiller.


After starting the GUI, it will immediately connect to the ROS master. If a skiller or luaagent instance is registered with the master, it will connect automatically. As new graphs are issued they are displayed in the SkillGUI. Use the buttons labeled "Agent" and "Skiller" to switch between the two.

On initial connect, the graph view might stay empty if no update is issued by skiller or luaagent. Press the rightmost button twice. This will set the graph to uncolored and then colored output again and trigger updates to be issued.

In the entry box at the bottom skill strings can be typed and executed in the skiller. Attention, ROS does not prevent multiple writers from ordering commands. So if you order commands and have a luaagent running at the same time erratic behavior might result, potentially harming the robot.

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